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Surprise your baby's gender with our popular cake for gender reveal!

A common method of gender reveal is through cake.
There is a trick in the cake, and when you cut it apart,
blue cream will appear for boys,
and pink cream will appear for girls.
Colors are expressed by fruit sauces, etc.

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Handmade by our pâtissier

The color inside is revealed only after it is cut into pieces, making it the perfect surprise and an experience that will never be forgotten by your loved ones!

The sourness of the raspberries and the freshness of the peaches allow you to enjoy every bite! The yellow genoise dough is soaked in the best amount of syrup to keep it moist.

The sweetness has been adjusted for a delicious taste. It is wrapped in Japanese fresh cream with an added aroma of rich vanilla.

This cake does not contain alcohol and can be enjoyed without worries by pregnant women and children.