Print Cookie 

These print cookies, that have cute designs made of edible ink, are perfect to express your feelings to your loved ones in an original way.

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Birthday Cake

When it`s that special someone`s birthday, it`s worth doing your best to pleasantly surprise them. Our cakes will always be part of those awesome memories that you make with your loved ones.

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What makes Focetta sweets special is the quality of the ingredients as well as the attention that the patissiers give to every sweet that they make.

  • Handmade Cakes

    The patissiers carefully make each cake without the use of machines, creating original sweets.

  • Selected natural ingredients

    We use only selected natural  ingredients to provide the highest quality sweets.

  • Tested by foreigners in Japan!

    Our sweets are periodically tasted and evaluated by foreign staff to make sure that people from different backgrounds can enjoy our sweets.

  • Our motivation

    We will continue to do our best to put a smile on customers` faces by offering fancy sweets that make people happy.

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