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Low-carb strawberry roll cake

Low-carb strawberry roll cake

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Let's get into the nitty gritty details.


We have developed this low-carb strawberry roll cake based on the concept of having customers fully enjoy the fluffy and tender texture of roll cake and the original taste of strawberries at a low sugar content.

This is the ultimate strawberry roll created after repeated trial production to fully meet the needs of customers who usually want to enjoy delicious roll cakes while restricting their sugar intake.

Each cut is 3 cm wide and contains only 4.2 grams of sugar, including a generous amount of strawberries!

The ingredients are high-grade cream cheese from Denmark, fresh cream from Hokkaido, erythritol made from fermented glucose and rare sugar produced from sugar as sweetener.

In addition, lactic acid bacteria are added to support the health aspect of the product.


Size: 18cm

Sugar 26.6g, Calories 1182kcal

Expiration date: 3 days (keep refrigerated)

Storage: store at 10℃ or below for refrigeration





cream, strawberries, eggs, cream cheese, erythritol, sugar cut 0, wheat flour, dried lactic acid bacteria powder (sterilized)


Allergens: milk, wheat, egg.

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