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Low-carb sugar free chocolate roll cake

Low-carb sugar free chocolate roll cake

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Let's get into the nitty gritty details.


The low-carb sugar free chocolate cake is made with our popular handmade chocolate, which is a perfect blend of cacao butter and cacao mass, kneaded carefully by our patissier. 

One serving (2.8 cm) has only 3.3 g of sugar and 283 kcal.

Our chef has successfully created a sugar free sweet that does not taste like it does not have sugar.

Even those who know it is sugar free may not believe it when enjoying this rich chocolate cake. 

We highly recommend this roll cake to those who are careful about their calorie and sugar intake due to health reasons.

Original taste of ingredients

We use Cacao mass produced by Callebaut of Belgium. We have blended it from scratch to create a texture and sweetness that is easy to eat, while maintaining the powerful aroma and deep flavor of the cacao.

Also, we use only pure fresh cream made from high-quality fresh milk produced in Hokkaido. 

No sugar, but still sweet.

Our sugar free chocolate rolls do not contain any sugar. Instead, we use erythritol, the only natural sweetener with zero sugar and zero calories. It does not raise blood sugar levels, so even those on health-related calorie and sugar restrictions can enjoy them.



Size approx. 17cm


How to enjoy this cake:

This is a frozen product so please defrost it by refrigerating it for 6-8 hours.


Expiration date 

8 weeks in the freezer. In case of thawing, thaw in the refrigerator and serve the same day.


Storage: For refrigeration, store at 10°C or below, and for freezing, store at -20°C.

Please do not refreeze the roll cake once it has been thawed, as refreezing increases the risk of food poisoning.


fresh cream, eggs, cacao mass, erythritol, cocoa powder, butter, lakanto, almond powder, wheat flour, milk, skim milk, vanilla, alcohol, dried lactic acid bacteria powder (sterilized)


Allergens: milk, wheat, egg

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