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Tenku Cheesecake Chocolate with customizable printed cookie

Tenku Cheesecake Chocolate with customizable printed cookie

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We can print your photo, name and date of birth
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Let's get into the nitty gritty details.


Tenku Cheesecake is a delicious cheesecake with an irresistibly airy and rich texture.

It is a unique and rare combination of cheesecake, souffle and chiboust.

This delicious cheesecake ranked No. 1 on Rakuten Ichiba, so we can assure you you won`t go wrong with this cake.


Tenku Cheesecake chocolate(Diameter:15cm)

Fancy box (Diameter:15cm × Height: 6cm)

6 candles (Red, green, yellow, pink, blue, purple))

Printed cookie (Diameter: 6cm)


Printed cookie

We can print your photo, name and date of birth.

Please check the following information before ordering

Please make sure to select a design when ordering.

Design 1. cat, flower

Please make sure to select a design from the selection box above the order button.

Customers who select a personalized design can add their name and date of birth.

1. Name imprinting is free of charge.

If the name is long, we will adjust the size of the letters and print it in one line.

About personalization and photo printing

After placing your order, we will email you about the photo and the name to be printed.

Please attach your name and photo to that email. Please check the Spam folder in case you do not receive our email.

Shelf life and recommended ways to enjoy the product

Can be preserved 30 days in the freezer. After defrosting in the fridge, please consume on the same day.

Please transfer to the fridge 8 hours before serving and defrost in the fridge.


Cream cheese (produced in Japan), eggs, sour cream, cream, chocolate (milk), sugar, flour, corn starch, butter, mascarpone, cocoa powder, milk, honey, vegetable oil, lemon juice, lemon peel, trehalose, gelatine.


Milk ingredients, egg, wheat, gelatin, soya.

Weight: 284g

Expiration date and storage

This is a frozen product so please defrost it by refrigerating it for 8-10 hours 

Expiration date: 30 days frozen (24 hours refrigerated after thawing)

Storage: For refrigeration, store at 10°C or below, and for freezing, store at -20°C. 

Please do not refreeze the cake once it has been thawed, as refreezing increases the risk of food poisoning.

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