Top 10 Most Popular Cakes in Japan

Top 10 Most Popular Cakes in Japan

”I want to give a cake to a Japanese person that I know, but I don't know what kind of cake they like.”

"I want to give a cake that is popular in my country, but I don't know if Japanese people will actually like the taste.”

For those who have such concerns, we have compiled a list of "when," "where," and "what kind" of cakes Japanese people like to eat! 

This article will help you choose an appropriate cake to give to a Japanese person.

Below is the cake ranking of a survey in which 1272 Japanese people participated (as of July 8, 2022).

Top 10 Most Popular Cakes in Japan 

Source: Everyone's Ranking ( 【Popularity Poll No.1~26】Types of Cakes Ranked! What is everyone's favorite? | Ranking by Everyone (




Shortcake is No. 1!

The No. 1 winner is shortcake. When most Japanese hear the word "cake," they probably think of a shortcake with layers of yellow sponge and whipped cream and strawberries on top.

A lot of Japanese people choose shortcakes as birthday cakes.
You can never go wrong if you give a shortcake to a Japanese person so we definitely recommend this option as the safest one.

There are many theories about the history of shortcake in Japan. The most popular one is that Japanese people created the first shortcake while being inspired by the shortcakes in America and France. However, as opposed to western countries that prefer a moist texture, Japanese prefer a soft and spongy texture to their cake.

And the Second place goes to Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc is a type of chestnut cake. It was named after its shape, which resembles Mont Blanc. Can you imagine Mont Blanc in a cake? 

The elegant flavor of chestnuts and its refined appearance are the reason for its popularity. Although it has an image of luxury, it can be purchased in Japan at any convenience store! This cake also comes in smaller sizes and is perfect as a small gift or as a reward for your hard work. 

We recommend that you enjoy it during autumn when Chestnuts are in season.


Chocolate Cake & Gateau Chocolat is No. 3

Chocolate cake boasts strong popularity among people of all ages.

Chocolate is a major staple in the sweets world, with chocolate tarts, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate macarons. Chocolate cake is also a go-to for those that  do not like whipped cream. If shortcake is not your thing, why not try a chocolate cake?

Chocolate cake has a long history, and it is said that the first chocolate cake was created in the 18th century.

There are many different types and combinations in Japan so be sure to give them all a try.


Baked Cheesecakes & Unbaked Cheesecakes are No. 4

Cheesecake is another type of cake that is very popular and can be purchased anywhere in Japan. Depending on the method used to make it, it can be divided into baked cheesecake and unbaked cheesecake.

Compared to other cakes, it is less sweet and lighter, making it popular especially among Japanese men. A new type of cheesecake, "soufflé cheesecake” originated in Japan and  is also very popular. This "Japanese cheesecake” is light, fluffy, and has a refreshing taste.

You have now learned that the best selling cakes in Japan are shortcake, Mont Blanc, chocolate cake, and cheesecake.

If you don`t know which cake to give as a gift, why not go for the popular opinion: shortcake, chocolate cake, or cheesecake? Whatever you choose in the end, it will definitely be delicious.



When do Japanese people eat cake? 

The two major events for eating cake in Japan are birthdays and Christmas. Recently, however, cake is also eaten on Valentine's Day and Halloween.

It is common to buy shortcake, chocolate cake, or cheesecake and share it with family and friends. The size of a cake in Japan is expressed in "No.".



As a rough guide, a No. 4 cake with a diameter of 12 cm can be shared among 2-4 people, a No. 5 cake with a diameter of 15 cm can be shared among 4-6 people, and a No. 6 cake with a diameter of 18 cm can be shared among 6-8 people. Please use this as a reference when buying your cake.

Mont Blanc and individually wrapped pieces of cakes can be purchased at cake shops and convenience stores, and are eaten on a daily basis, even when there is no special event. Even if it is not during an event such as a birthday or Christmas, a small cake with a message of "thank you" will be greatly appreciated. 


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