Birthday Parties in Japan

Birthday Parties in Japan

A day once a year that is only about you.
A day when you are celebrated by many people around you.
A day to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year ahead.

Everyone loves birthdays. Or…almost everyone. As we grow older, some of us don't like to be reminded that we are older by one year, but birthday parties are still fun.

In Japan, we have birthday parties too!

In this article, we summarize the differences between how birthday parties are spent in Japan and overseas.

The Origin of Birthday Parties: When Did Birthdays Begin to be Celebrated in Japan?

Birthday celebrations began in Japan right after World War II.

In 1949 the law on age was created and the culture of celebrating birthdays was inaugurated. This is a good example of assimilating Western culture into Japanese culture.

What do you do for birthday parties in your country? Do you have fond memories of eating cake, or inviting friends? 

What are the differences between Japan and other countries?

Differences in Party Scale

The scale of birthday parties in Japan is much smaller than those overseas. A birthday is often celebrated with family, a small group of friends, or loved ones at a restaurant or other location.

It is very rare to have a big home party with many friends and decorated rooms, as is the case in other western countries. In Japan, it's not common to hold many parties in the first place.

Nevertheless, Japanese birthday parties are also fun. Why not enjoy them as a completely different type of party?

Differences in Birthday Party Preparation

In your country, is it common for the birthday boy/girl to prepare the cake himself/herself?

Maybe in most cases he/she can choose the cake of his/her choice rather than being given a cake as a present.

However, in Japan, the person that is being celebrated basically does nothing, as everything is prepared by the people around him or her.

Not only the presents but also the cake and even the reservation of the restaurant. The characteristic of a Japanese birthday party is that you will be celebrated without knowing anything about it in advance.

 No advance preparation is needed! The birthday boy/girl should just go there and "be celebrated!"

As for the cake, someone who knows your taste will surely choose the cake you like the best. Candles for the number of years and singing the Happy Birthday song together are the same as at parties abroad. The lyrics are exactly the same!

Different ways to open birthday presents

Although this applies to sending birthday gifts, there is one thing to keep in mind when you receive them.

It is the way you open a present.Tearing the wrapping paper to pieces may be perceived as rude to the person who gave it.

Although you may not be used to it, carefully unwrap and open the gift.

When you receive the gift, just say "thank you!"! There is no need to say or do anything special.

We recommend focetta sweets for birthdays

Now, on to some of our favorite cakes for birthdays!

For birthday parties, we recommend Focetta Sweets cakes.

We have a wide variety of cakes suitable for birthday parties! You will surely be able to find the cake you want.

If you like cheesecake, try Tenku cheesecake.

The first cake we recommend at focetta sweets is the Tenku cheesecake.

This is also a good choice for those who like cheesecake and you can enjoy this cheesecake fully defrosted or semi defrosted for 2 different textures.

The caramel chiboust and mascarpone cheese are a perfect match, and there are many fans of focetta cheesecake around the world.


Tenku-cheesecake is available in three flavors: plain, green tea, and chocolate.

If you want to enjoy Tenku-cheese cake but also want to try other flavors, try the matcha and chocolate flavors.

In addition to the mascarpone, caramel, and soufflé flavors that can be tasted plain, the matcha is made with Uji green tea from Kyoto, so you can enjoy a modern Japanese flavor.



The chocolate flavor uses milk chocolate made by Valrhona, the finest brand in France, so you can enjoy the creamy taste of chocolatey cheesecake.



Tenku-rollcake for those who want to enjoy fruits and roll cakes

If you want to enjoy roll cakes with plenty of fruits, Tenku-rollcake is the place to go.



These roll cakes, filled with large slices of fruit, can be shared among 3-4 people, making them perfect for family celebrations!

Low-sugar type roll cakes are also available, so if you want to eat healthy roll cakes, this is also a good choice.



If you want to celebrate your birthday with a low-sugar cake, no-bake cheesecake is the way to go!

Each slice has 1.6 grams of sugar and 80.9 calories. It is an amazing cake with no sugar at all, but with its own delicious taste and sweetness recreated by natural sweeteners. 


And if you want to celebrate with a smaller cake instead of a big one, tarts and puddings!

Puddings and cheese tarts from focetta sweets are easy to eat thanks to their small size. The  puddings come in 6 different flavors and the cheese tarts offer a discount system where you can buy two or more boxes at a time.
Choose your cake for the best birthday party ever!







Tenku Pudding Assorted 6 pcs

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